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Please consult your doctor before trying anything below

Acute diarrhea is one of your body’s best defense mechanisms, it is your body’s way of getting something nasty out of your system, and this is the main causes of diarrhea. That thought may or may not be of comfort to you right now, but it helps explain why doctors today will tell you to “tough it out” instead of automatically trying to stem the tide of this annoying, but hopefully short-lived illness. Remedies For Diarrhea
It is used to be that when somebody had diarrhea, doctors would quickly prescribe some type of antidiarrheal medication. Today we think the best medicine is to simply let it run its course, you will pardon the pun.
It is not recommended to use antidiarrheal medications when a patient has a cute diarrhea unless he or she has an urgent need for control. Like a very important business meeting that just can not be missed. Otherwise, the purge is probably beneficial and helps speed recovery.
Because of that thinking, most of the tips below are designed to hlpe you weather the discomfort of diarrhea and make a speedy recovery, rather then try to halt the course of diarrhea and risk prolonging the illness. For those who may have “an urgent need to control” while stricken, we have listed some medications to help stem the tide while you take care of other business.

Make the milk connection
One of the leading causes of diarrhea is lactose intolerance. While few of our experts agree that lactose intolerance is the leading cause, all agree that it is a major cause of diarrhea among unsuspecting adults. “Lactose intolerance can have its onset when you are just a baby, or it can kick in suddenly during your adult yeas. You are drinking milk and the next thing you know, you have gas, pain, and diarrhea.
The cure, of course, is to avoid lactose-containing foods which means staying away from most dairy products with the exception of yougurt and some aged cheeses such as cheddar. Once you do that, it stops by itself.

Take the tolerance test.
Given the does related nature of lactose intolerance, as well as its ability to kick in unexpectedly, how can you be sure whether or not milk products are responsible for your current troubles. If a week without a milk helps, then it is better to add gradually back milk product with the knowledge that at some point, they may reach a level where the intolerance symptoms will return. Once a person knows what that level is, he can avoid lactose-included diarrhea by keeping consumption beneath it.

Think about your medications
Experts say there is a good possibility that the diarrhea you have now was caused by the heartburn you had earlier today. Not because of a direct connection between stomach and bowel, but because of the antacid you may have taken to soothe your burning belly.
Antacids are the most common cause of drug related diarrhea. Maalox Mylanta both have magnesium hydroxide in them that acts exactly like milk of magnesia does, which makes these antacids a common cause of diarrhea.
To avoid future bouts of heartburn related diarrhea, try antacids that contain only aluminum hydroxide with no magnetisum added These are less likely to cause diarrhea, but they are less effective too.
Besides antacids, antibiotics, quinidine, lactulose, and colchicine, may also cause diarrhea, consult your doctor if you suspect that thses or any other medications may be causing problems for you.

Consume a clear diet.
Okay, so you did not eat a second bowl of ice cream and you did not travel last week, but you have got diarrhea anyway. Now you are hungry as well as cranky and there is just one thing you need to know, is it safe to eat food , yes but with a few cautions. Start with a clear liquid diet like chicken broth, jell-o or other foods and fluids you can look clear through. The reason is that the bowel needs reast during the time you have diarrhea and that is why you should stick with a diet like this until it subsides. You do not want to force your system to handle more than it already has to.
After you have tested the waters with both Jell-O, rice, bananas, applesauce, or yogurt can be introduced gradually as your symptoms improve.